For years Blue Coast’s design office has been at the forefront of the catamaran market, boasting unique expertise in the design and construction of some of the world’s largest carbon fiber catamarans to have been launched to date and combining an array of experienced professionals in naval architecture, engineering, exterior styling, interior design and project management.
CAD 3D technologies are used for the engineering and interior design plans; while the naval architecture and hydrodynamics are calculated using Computational Fluid Dynamics (C.F.D.), tank testing and structural calculations, which are completed by F.E.A: “Finite Elements Analysis,” in order to obtain the most optimized structure. As such the engineering and systems are closely integrated in the vessel’s overall design with no interference with the activities of life on board. These studies are born of the enormous experience of Blue Coast Yachts in team all fields of catamaran conception, building and sailing.
Each BLUE COAST YACHTS is unique. The Jean-Jacques Coste signature has rendered his designs timeless and elegant while maximizing performance, comfort and luxury.