The Blue Coast 160' Sailing Trimaran is the most extreme fusion of architecture, design, comfort, performance, economy and technology ever created in a luxury sailing yacht.
It challenges the forces of nature and the rules of engineering to race across the ocean without using a drop of oil and can cruise the most exclusive harbours powered only by renewable energy.

Ultra in this context means a 48 meters carbon-fibre trimaran designed and developed by the world’s leading naval architect combined with technology from Formula 1 motor racing to create a unique yacht with folding multihulls.
Completely automated to ensure ease of operation and provide the ultimate levels of comfort, BCY 160’ ST harnesses the luxury and convenience of a motor yacht with the excitement and speed of a multihulls.

The striking ‘avant-garde’ styling, minimum draft, extreme speed and manoeuvrability, stability under sail without the heeling of a multihulls, smart use of energy and bespoke luxury interior are unique to each single craft.

The BCY 160’ ST has the power to seduce and delight everyone who sees, or sails in her. BLUE COAST YACHTS have brought together the world’s finest minds to create the ultimate sailing experiencet that will satisfy the desires of the most demanding yachtsmen.


48m - 160’
23.10m - 57.4’
1,80m - 5.9’
Prepreg Carbon/Epoxy
Total sail area
360 m²
Main Engines
Optional hybrid system with electric engines,
lithium/ion batteries and generetors
Max speed under power
15 knots
Naval Architect
Coste Design
Interior Design
Coste Design


The Blue Coast Yachts 160’ Sailing Trimaran is the first sailing trimaran of this size ever to be built with folding hull beams. In open water he is 23 metres across, but in harbour configuration the outer hull beams fold in to a slender 11metres. In just a few minutes almost any mooring becomes accessible but when you’re back on the ocean with the hulls extended you will enjoy the benefits of a stable platform without the heeling of a monohull.

The BCY 160’ ST is a three-deck sloop-rigged trimaran writing new rules of yacht design and comfort. All of the features you would expect to find in a motor yacht come as standard but with the performance and sensation of a fast sailing yacht. He is capable of achieving exceptional speeds under power as well as high speed, long range cruising.

With comfort in mind her stability is such that at anchor there is little rolling, and when underway heeling has been kept to a minimum even in rough conditions because of the design of the trimaran’s long narrow hulls. The low draft allows anchoring and cruising close to the shore and in shallow waters.

The BCY 160’ ST has been designed to be built and sail in harmony with nature and all of the energy used on board comes from renewable sources. The BLUE COAST YACHTS 160’ harnesses the latest Battery Management System (BMS) technology using state-of-the-art lithium/ ion batteries. Additional power is available from the optional hybrid propulsion system and ensures that the BCY 160’ is a flagship for low emissions in the industry.